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Form for Evaluating an Article on the Economic Evaluation of Drug Therapy

Online Submission Form

We welcome submissions for this section from health care professionals.  We cannot guarantee that we will publish your review in the Journal.  We require full and accurate contact information for all submitters so we may clarify any aspects of your review if necessary.  Your name and/or e-mail address may be included in the final publication of your review.

Please complete the form below to review an article of an Economic Evaluation of Drug Therapy

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Overall Study Question:  What were the objectives, the patient population, the outcome variables, and the interventions tested in this economic evaluation?


I. Are the Results of the Study Valid?
Did the analysis provide a full economic comparison of health care strategies? (i.e. Costs and outcomes for each strategy? Whose viewpoint? Cost-effectiveness/benefit/utility study)?

Were the costs and outcomes properly measured and valued? (i.e. Clinical effectiveness established? Costs measured accurately? Data on costs and outcomes appropriately integrated?)

Was appropriate allowance made for uncertainties in the analysis? (i.e. Sensitivity analysis?
Statistical significance?)


Are estimates of costs and outcomes related to the baseline risk in the treatment population? (i.e. Sub-group analyses by risk)?

II. What are the Results?
What were the incremental costs and outcomes of each strategy?

Do incremental costs and outcomes differ between sub-groups?

3. How much does allowance for uncertainty change the results?
III. Will the results help me in caring for my patients?
1. Are the treatment benefits worth the harms and costs?  (i.e. Strong dominance?
Weak dominace? Non-dominance? Incremental cost-effectiveness?)

2. Could my patients expect similar health outcomes? (i.e. Study patients similar to my patients?
Study clinical management similar to my local practice?)

3. Could I expect similar costs?(i.e. Study/local resource consumption similar?
Study/local costs similar?)

IV. How can the results be put into the context of previous knowledge and clinical practice? What are any important methodological issues with the study? How should the study findings be applied to the field of clinical pharmacotherapy?

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