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Issues in Pharmacotherapy Practice

Articles in this section are designed to provide today's pharmacotherapy practitioners with perspective on a wide range of drug-related issues and provide insight on improving the rationale use of drugs.

Pharmacotherapy Reviews

State-of-the art systematic reviews of topical pharmacotherapy issues. The principles of evidenced-based medicine are required for submission of all pharmacotherapy review articles with a focus on clinically relevant issues in pharmacotherapy practice to ensure readers can apply these findings to daily practice.

Pharmacotherapy Updates

Pharmacotherapy updates are not designed to be comprehensive systematic reviews but should be brief, focused reports on recent advances in pharmacotherapy. Summary of consensus conference and position statements pertinent to pharmacotherapy can also be included.

Formulary Reviews

Reviews on new drugs or drug classes with comprehensive description of pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, indication, drug interactions, efficacy, toxicity and cost. Relation of new drugs to others in the same class and conclusions about the role of new agents are required when applicable.

Drug Information

Drug information submissions are designed to provide brief response to specific therapeutic questions or controversies. This section is ideally presented in a question-and-answer format.

Innovative Practice

Reports on innovative pharmacotherapy practices highlighting advanced practitioner roles and their impact on patient outcomes. Reports on the use of information technology and/or informatics in advancing clinical practice and research are encouraged.


Commentaries are designed to provide opinion on pertinent issues in pharmacotherapy practice. Perspective on selected areas of drug therapy and personal experiences are encouraged for all submissions in this section. Commentaries directed toward a specific specialty are also encouraged. 

For further information on submitting a manuscript to the Issues in Pharmacotherapy Practice section of The Journal of Informed Pharmacotherapy please see the For Authors section of our website. All manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail as an attachment to The Editor at the Journal of Informed Pharmacotherapy.

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