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The Journal of Informed Pharmacotherapy 2002;11:408.

Perceptions of Professional Services of a Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Service Unit: A Comparison of Stakeholder Groups

Katie Lacaria BSc (Pharm), Robert M. Balen BSc (Pharm), PharmD, Luciana Frighetto BSc (Pharm), MBA, FCSHP, Tim T.Y. Lau BSc (Pharm), PharmD, Terryn L. Naumann BSc (Pharm), PharmD, Peter J. Jewesson PhD, FCSHP

Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Service Unit, Vancouver General Hospital , Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Center, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (British Columbia Branch) Residency Research Presentation Night, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. May 8, 2002.


To determine perceptions of patients, nurses, physicians, and pharmacists regarding the awareness, quality, and priority of professional services offered by the Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Services Unit (CSU) at Vancouver General Hospital in the areas of patient care, education and research.


A major Canadian tertiary adult acute care teaching hospital.


A survey was designed to elicit opinions regarding the awareness, quality, and priority of the drug distribution, clinical, education and research services provided by the CSU. Surveys were distributed over a 90-day period directly to patients and to the mailboxes of nurses, physicians and pharmacists who were affiliated with the hospital. Respondent demographics and responses were analyzed using descriptive statistical analysis.


A total of 2,568 surveys were distributed to all stakeholder groups. Of the 460 surveys analyzed, there were 38 (32%) patient, 276 (16%) nurse, 102 (16%) physician, and 44 (50%) pharmacist respondents. Patient respondents tended to have been in hospital for about two weeks at the time of survey completion and were located in several practice areas. The duration of employment for nurse, physician and pharmacist respondents was widespread ranging from 1 to 24 years. For nurses and physicians, there was a relatively balanced representation from the medical and surgical practice areas. Most pharmacist respondents practiced in non-surgical areas. Patients were the least aware of the professional services provided by the CSU. The quality of the majority of services was rated as excellent or good across all groups. Respondents ranked the review of prescriptions for appropriateness, the dispensing of oral, intravenous and total parenteral nutrition preparations, the resolution of patient-specific drug distribution issues, group medication sessions, continuing education programs, and the Clinical Drug Research program as the most important professional services.


The study provided information regarding patient, nurse, physician, and pharmacist perceptions regarding awareness, quality, and priority of patient care, education and research services currently offered by the Pharmaceutical Sciences CSU at Vancouver General Hospital and identified areas that require improvement.

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