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Responsibilities of Reviewers

  • Filter out flawed work and prevent its publication
  • Assist the Editors and the author(s) to improve the quality & importance of the work:
    • evaluate originality, quality, and importance of the paper
    • identify errors, misinterpretation, overinterpretation, and "crimes of passion" committed by authors
    • fill in missing information, or at least identify its omission
    • support your comments with appropriate references if necessary
    • in addition to identifying faults, positive comments are appreciated as well.
    • DO NOT provide line-by-line comments on grammar and spelling.  Global comments like "many spelling/grammar" errors is all that is needed.  This is not the most efficient use of your time.
  • ALWAYS inform us of potential conflicts of interest.
  • In your review, point out areas which you are not qualified to comment on (lack of comment implies correctness, which may not be appropriate).
  • Inform us if you have previously reviewed this paper for another journal.  This way we can determine whether it has been significantly revised prior to submission to JIP.
  • Respect that the manuscript is a privileged communication, is confidential, and for your eyes only.  We do, however, encourage you to consult your colleagues who may have useful input to provide.
  • Be PROMPT in the completion of your review. 
    • Inform us immediately if you cannot complete the review by the deadline.
    • Your referral of the manuscript to another qualified reviewer is appreciated if you are unable to review it by the deadline.

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Revised: September 14, 2001