Incorrect Text

In the Original Research article entitled "Stability of Domperidone in Extemporaneously Compounded Suspensions" published in The Journal of Informed Pharmacotherapy 2002;8:100-104 an error had occurred regarding the domperidone product used in the study.  Under the Methods section, subsection Preparation and Evaluation of Suspension, the first sentence should read "Domperidone suspensions (1 and 10 mg/mL) were prepared in triplicate from commercially-available tablets of domperidone maleate (Novo-domperidone®, Novopharm, Scarborough, Ontario), containing domperidone 10 mg per tablet, and mixed with equal parts of Ora-Sweet® and Ora-Plus® (Paddock Laboratories Inc., Minneapolis, MN, lots OE6324 and OH6525, respectively)."

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